Sunday, November 8, 2015

26 October 2015

Season 1: Episode 14:  The One with Blood

Hello, Hello!  So this do I explain it...for lack of a better term...we just went hard, lol.

We taught 32 lessons and committed 2 more people to be baptized!  We have 4 solid people to be baptized either next month or in December, so the work is hastening here in Palm Harbor.

We were invited to a members high school play on Thursday.....and it was pretty interesting.  The play with the members in it was really good and they did an awesome job.  But the two plays that followed were kinda creepy, haha.  Like one was about the Salem With Trials/Possession, come to find out later that the play was written by students.  So that was...something haha.

Oh yeah, and this week as we stopped to fill up on gas, we found a gas station that RAN OUT OF!?  Anywho, I thought it was hilarious.

As we were driving home one day, we stopped and gave blood at this mobile bus thing.  Dont' worry, it wasn't sketchy.  It was really nice and the people there were very kind.  But the best part was, they couldn't run away HAHAHAHH so we got to share a little bit of the Restoration with them, which went well, haha.

Love you all,

Elder Tanuvasa