Monday, January 16, 2017

16 January 2017

Thank you for your prayers.  This week we had two awesome lessons with them!  During one of them, I learned a principle through a comment the wife shared.  Love and appreciation are two different things.  You can love someone, but not appreciate them.  Sadly, lots of times we don't appreciate people until we don't have them anymore, or something alike.  But when you show your appreciation, it is one of the highest forms of love that can be expressed.

Thank you so much for all that you've done and all you continue to are life-savers and the work you do as Parents, Spouses, Friends doesn't go unnoticed.  Thank you.  I love you!

Elder T

Monday, January 9, 2017

9 January 2017

This week, may have been the most tiring week physically of my mission.  We helped a brother in the ward who recently had back surgery to put his in his new fence.  Including digging holes with a post-hole digger, building gates, nailing, cementing, etc....there was a day where we worked from 11 am to sun down.  I have truly felt the Lord's hand especially this week in the mornings when seriously the last thing I want to do is get up.  When I try, the Lord gives me the strength I need.  As a result of our service, this Brother stayed all three hours of church, something that he hadn't done since the ward split some 8 months ago.  I have a testimony of fast offerings.  The blessings this week were immediate as soon as I prayed, one family wanted to buy us groceries, then we came home, we found a bag with food in it from another with a gift card to a restaurant with the exact amountI paid....He does keep His word!  Anyways, hope you're doing well and that you're not freezing, it got down to 34 degrees here and I don't know how you do it...I'm so thankful that I was called somewhere hot!!! hahha


Elder Tanuvasa

Monday, January 2, 2017

2 January 2017

This week was a lot of fun!  The Zone Activity on Monday was awesome, it really helps to unify us as missionaries, and helps us get to know each other in a different setting.  Bike week was this week (the first in a really long time, lol) and it was a little rough getting started, but as of now I'm back and feel a lot better physically.  Plus we're getting to talk to a lot more people on the street!  New Years Eve wasn't very eventful, except when we got back to our apartment, the people right across the street were popping off huge fireworks!  So it was a little hard to sleep at first, haha.  We now have church at 11 am which is so nice.  How is church at 9 am?  What really stuck out to me this week was how spiritual our weekly planning was, you could feel it leading our discussion as Elder Hudson and I correlated about those whom the Lord has entrusted us with.  Revelation was received, and we are looking forward to meeting with them!  A few talks that I've been reading if you want to check them out are "Pride and the Priesthood" by President Uchtdorf in April 2010 and "Beware of Pride"  by President Benson in 1989 general conference.

Love ya!

Elder T