Friday, May 26, 2017

Season 6: Episode 12

Good morning!

Well, this is most likely the last email that I send. 

The one thing that is really outstanding this week is the  "Why I believe" Fireside that happened yesterday! The Fireside is put on by the mission, and is a combination of Testimonies from Recent Converts of the church and Musical Numbers put on by missionaries. It consisted of the 6 stakes in the mission and was hosted in one of my old areas! I was asked to be apart of three of the musical number performed. The spirit was super strong, and it was truly a special experience. One of the most special things about it however occurred afterward, when a man walked up to me in glasses and a suit. I recognized him as he thanked me for changing his life and told me how much he loved me because of it. You might recognize him from 371 days earlier in this picture (see below). It was such a special experience, I was in tears. A few days ago I was reflecting on who's life I felt like I had influenced the most and he came to mind. This man, has continued to be active, and is preparing to enter the temple for himself. I know that it wasn't me that changed Him, rather our Savior, however, I am grateful that the Lord worked through me in a way to use me as an instrument. 

I got to see a lot of families from Valrico, the Youth in the Ward wanted a picture with the missionaries that had served there and so that was a special experience.

Today, for lunch a family from my first area that I love took us out, I've really been able to experience so many tender mercies this past transfer and it's been amazing.

I'll try to send an email next week.

Love you,

Elder Tanuvasa ✌🏽

P.S. See you next week!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Season 6: Episode 10

We are teaching a girl who has cerebral palsy, and it's been a tremendous blessing. She is such an example to me of the power of prayer. When she prays, it is so special, the sincerity and closeness of her relationship with God is unreal. Her lessons are very special because we teach very simply, and we end up learning more from her in my opinion. 

One of my favorite things about being in a trio is that companionship Study is so much fun! We have been doing a ton of role plays lately, acting out people as someone else has to try to share the gospel with. Cowboys, flirty girls, grumpy 80 year old fisherman w/o a shirt. It's effective and it always brings laughter.

This week the other elders moved out, so we now only have three in the apt and after we cleaned today it's sooooo nice! We can see the floor, we don't have to rush to get ready as 3 people are trying to use one bathroom. Not having to worry about whose food is whose... it's just a relief.

We've been doing a lot of walking lately and we've picked up kind of a game as we walk. Especially in the middle of the day when literally no one is out, we'll be looking for coins either alongside the sidewalk or the road! We've committed to get something as a companionship at the end of this transfer. I'm still in the process of convincing them to save up for a special date for Elder Tanuvasa when he gets home from his mission lol. Emphasis on in the process.

Florida really hasn't had much rain lately, but the ONE time this week where it rained, we got caught riding in it... of course... it was a nice cool down, but we had to take a shower after... 

Since there was a drought and barely any rain, there have been a ton of fires. This week there was one a few miles from our apartment. It was over 120 Acres and I'm pretty sure they still at this moment don't have it contained... we'll see how that goes.

I was asked by the Primary President to play the piano for the primary program on Mother's Day so that will be exciting! I'll try not to ruin the day with my playing haha on a mother music note. There are a few mission Firesides that are meant to help members brings friends to, and after the last musical number that we did, we were asked to sing in it.. it'll be a pretty far drive, but I'm excited because it will be in my old building

We had a prompting to go visit this Less Active couple, we found out that they were pretty recently married and young. Through the lesson, she told us that she never thought that she'd be the one that needed the missionaries to come knocking on her door, in fact she had promised herself that she wouldn't be. It was a really sad situation and it was a big smack in the face that no one sees it coming until it's too late.


Elder Tanuvasa ✌🏽

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Season 6: Episode 9

Good morning! 

This week was really awesome and I'll share a few experiences we had! It seems like the weeks get faster and faster...

One of the people we are teaching has really been struggling with overcoming smoking. He has received a witness that the church is true, he is just working on overcoming smoking at the moment. We gave him a blessing to help him, and he had a really cool experience. During the blessing, some things were mentioned that he hasn't told anyone, his mind was blown. The only thing he could say after was, "That was amazing, wow..." 

Lately we've been helping people to find answers using the Book of Mormon. On Thursday, we helped four people to do it and every time we did it they found their answer! I know that the Book of Mormon will answer our questions,  in all matters. I also know that it works for all scripture!

It's been so hot lately... the humidity can't get any higher... I'll attach a few pictures of us dying in the sun... it's pretty nasty when we're all sweaty, sometimes I take showers during dinner. Nothing helps though

We get to do service every week with this one organization and they love us. However, it seems like they're saving stuff throughout the week for us to do when we get there... it's hard because we don't want them to become dependent on us, but we love helping.. trying to find balance in that 

There was a younger member that found out about Navy while we were at brunch with a few of his friends, and is now making this whole program to get me huge and he also wants to do 1v1 Pass Rush against me... sooo that's where I'm at.. trying to avoid people trying to challenge me haha

There is a 16 yr old in the Ward that loves coming out with us, and we love it when he comes out with us. This past time when he came out with us, he told us that usually when he comes out it's because he's having a bad day, and afterwards he always feels happy. So that was a huge eye opener, to see how truly happy sharing the gospel makes you.

Yesterday, we got a text from a random number asking if it was me, turns out it's a family from Palm Harbor that I was really close with! They are going to see me again before I leave, it was such a tender mercy. To be honest, it was my dream to finish in my first area, and this is a such a blessing to be able to serve in Hudson, where lots of the members are from Palm Harbor.

P.S that is kind of my Blog email

Love you!

Elder Tanuvasa ✌🏽

Elder Perrero' first flat!

#2 its way too hot

#3 this is the florida I see every day.

Season 6: Episode 8

This week was.. interesting... we've been exhausted and stressed, a lot of things seemed to come up all at once, and it seems to be at the worst times.. but we've made it so far! One of our Recent Converts had a slight heart attack, she already has a heart condition, so that brought stress. We gave her a blessing and she's feeling better now, but it was really scary at the time.

We were asked to sing again for a Zone Meeting.. we didn't have much time to practice, or a pianist so we had to do it without.. I'll attach a video that was taken. It was weird, that was my last Zone Training Meeting and it didn't hit me until the end when we had a mini testimony meeting.. the mission sure does fly by and it's so hard to condense it all into what you've learned. So, just a heads up if you ask me how my mission was or is, I'll say amazing.. If you want specific experiences you'd have to ask a better questions than that.

We got a text that a guy wanted a Bible, we couldn't get a hold of him and couldn't catch him home. So we decided to do a little bit of contacting around, and we walked down his street to the end of the road, and hadn't met anyone.. we turned around a little dejected and ran into a man spraying his lawn! He was actually super interested, he's agnostic and this is the first time any religious people have approached him. He actually thanked us for talking with him and invited us back before we asked to come back.. pretty cool!

We've been getting up pretty early this past week and it's been taking a toll.. frustration, exhaustion.. you name it.. we're deciding to get as much sleep as we can get this week.. so hopefully it'll go dreamily

Got to go on an Exchange with Elder Heluo! It's pretty cool cause we began our missions together, we're near each other mid way, and at the end! I'll send a pic.

Stake Conference was really good, it's hard to say that was my last one on the mission.. I really don't like lasts right now.. it's pretty cool because it was like all on missionary work! We're pretty excited for the rest of this transfer, we have been working with a few members, and received 8-9 referrals from them and have been able to meet them all! The work is hastening!

Love ya,

Elder Tanuvasa ✌