Monday, August 29, 2016

29 August 2016

This week has been a huge eye opener to see how things are working right now, and how they should be working.  In the training with the General Authorities, I learned that the keys for the work of Salvation reside with the Bishop and Stake President.  That it is not the Mission President's vision that we should be accomplishing, but rather the Bishop's.  So that is what we did on Sunday, we got what his vision was for the ward and what he wanted us to do to help him get there.  It includes more visits with those who don't make it to church.  So all I do is take orders and do what it takes to accomplish that vision. So much to do, and so little time to do it...I love you both.  Thank you for continuing to support and uplift me.

Your Son,

Elder Tanuvasa

Friday, August 26, 2016

22 August 2016

Season 4 Episode 13 The One with ....

This week on paper wasn't a very good week, and we realized this as we were emailing some leaders of the Church about our week.  The interesting part is that this week has been amazing for me personally.  I have truly seen the Lord use as an instrument in His hand, and have seen the effects of it not only in my life, but in the lives I meet every day.  I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for His Atonement that gives me the opportunity and strength to change for the better, to love deeper, to serve more fully and to follow more closely.  I know this gospel to be true.  Heavenly Father does answer prayers.  If we will sincerely seek His counsel and follow the direction He gives us, we will see greater peace and joy in our lives, I promise anyone who does this because I have done so myself and continue to do so daily.


Elder Tanuvasa

Sunday, August 21, 2016

21 August 2016

Got an email from Debbie Thomsen and a picture of the missionaries working in Winter Haven.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

16 August 2016

Season 4:  Episode 12  The One with Training

Had the chance to see Sister Sackley, now Mallory, before she left for home!  It's always great to see her!  At the same time, I dropped off Elder Brandon, so he could fly home to Utah.  Elder Garcia ended up getting transferred to Palmetto in Sarasota and I stayed here in Winter Haven!

My new companion's name is Elder Wadsworth, he is a really cool guy and we're a day apart in age!  He's super awesome and we get along great!  He's from Alamo, Nevada and fun fact, his high school football team has the longest winning streak in the nation!  Pretty cool stuff.

This week there was a lot of changes with so many new missionaries coming in.  Lots of changes in our District and Zone.

Love you all and thanks for all you do!

Elder Tanuvasa

Friday, August 5, 2016

26July 2016

Season 4:  Episode 9 "The One Where Everyone's Sick"

Good Morning!

So everyone wasn't sick this week, but it sure seemed like it!  On Tuesday, Elder Brandon had a slip disk in his back, so we spent some time at the chiropractor;  Wednesday, it was in the ER for a little bit just cause I had pain in my lower right abdomen and they wanted to make sure it wasn't appendicitis.  On Thursday, I had a few doctor appointment and we had received a notice that there was a safety recall for our '13 Ford Focus.  Anyways, we found out why there was a safety recall, cause our rear right door latch wouldn't close!  So one of us had to hold it closed as we went to the nearest dealership.  LOL, we were stranded there for a few hours before someone came and picked us up.  We ended up leaving it there overnight so it could be fixed.  On Friday, we took the bus up there, and by 4 when we got there, it still wasn't fixed!  So we waited a few hours until we finally got it out....Saturday, Elder Brandon was sick with the flu so we were confined to the house for a time, everything was fine for Sunday which was a relief, couldn't wait to get out of the apartment, hahah anyways, we're doing well.  Thank you for your prayers and support!


Elder Tanuvasa

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3 August 2016

(An email we received from Elder Tanuvasa today regarding news of the death of his Uncle Pika)

Hi don't worry, I got permission from President Cooper to send an email...

I don't quite know what to write... when I first got news of what happened I didn't know what to think. I was shocked to say the least. Please send my love to all of the family. You're all in my prayers.

Today has been a real testimony builder to me... when I got the call from President Cooper, I was actually at a high school, prepping some food to feed the high school football team after their first practice during two a days. I stepped out to talk with President and was emotional... I took a few minutes before I went back in to say a prayer. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember asking for strength, for comfort to be with the family, and for me to "forget myself". As I walked back in, it was obvious to my companions that something was different, no matter how hard I tried to hide it.. not going to lie it was hard to stay focused on what I was doing.. but as the boys came in, and we fed them, they gave us a chance to say a few words to the team. I had the opportunity to say something first, and it was exactly what I needed. The spirit was so strong as I bore testimony of the Savior, of His love for us, how he knows us specifically, and individually. I truly know that He knows what He is doing. Might be a little weird, but through this experience my testimony was reconfirmed that our Savior does know me. This whole day so far, the spirit has been comforting me and literally feels like its walking with me right now. I know that this comfort is available to all of God's children and I hope and pray that this comfort is with y'all, and with Misiona, PJ and them.

I know that our Savior Jesus Christ is our LOVING brother. He is my best friend. I am truly grateful for the love that He brings in my life every day. It is my fervent prayer that we allow His love to fill our souls. 

I miss you all and pray with all my heart for you every day. I was given the chance to call home, but I felt that me keeping my eye single to His work at this time would bless you more than I could with a phone call. I leave you with my simple and sincere testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your loving and devoted son, brother and friend,

Elder Tanuvasa

Monday, August 1, 2016

1 August 2016

Season 4 Episode 11  The One with the Car

Another tough week...this one was mainly our car....

Spent hours a day at the dearships doing different things here and there, went a few days without a car and all we could do was walk because Elder Garcia can't ride a bike.  Also, he was sick with the flu and had to rest as well....both of my companions have been sick now back to back...seems like I'm up next! lol.

As I was reading today in the Book of Mormon, I was in 2 Nephi 8:7 and it talks about how the law must be written upon our hearts, and Christ can't force us to do so, we have to invite him in and let him "engrave", change us to fit the will of the Father

The Spirit truly does give customized guidance to help us let Christ in our hearts.  If we will seek and heed his counsel, it will show us greater happiness.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Tanuvasa