Friday, August 5, 2016

26July 2016

Season 4:  Episode 9 "The One Where Everyone's Sick"

Good Morning!

So everyone wasn't sick this week, but it sure seemed like it!  On Tuesday, Elder Brandon had a slip disk in his back, so we spent some time at the chiropractor;  Wednesday, it was in the ER for a little bit just cause I had pain in my lower right abdomen and they wanted to make sure it wasn't appendicitis.  On Thursday, I had a few doctor appointment and we had received a notice that there was a safety recall for our '13 Ford Focus.  Anyways, we found out why there was a safety recall, cause our rear right door latch wouldn't close!  So one of us had to hold it closed as we went to the nearest dealership.  LOL, we were stranded there for a few hours before someone came and picked us up.  We ended up leaving it there overnight so it could be fixed.  On Friday, we took the bus up there, and by 4 when we got there, it still wasn't fixed!  So we waited a few hours until we finally got it out....Saturday, Elder Brandon was sick with the flu so we were confined to the house for a time, everything was fine for Sunday which was a relief, couldn't wait to get out of the apartment, hahah anyways, we're doing well.  Thank you for your prayers and support!


Elder Tanuvasa