Thursday, December 24, 2015

21 December 2015

Season 2:  Episode 4 "The one w/Barnes"

Hello Friends and Family!

This week was awesome!  We had the FTM Christmas Party, and that was so much fun!  There were some other people at Fort De Soto Beach, and they saw 150 young adults having fun.  I thought to myself "This is probably the straightest/cleanest party these people have ever seen."  There was no alcohol, no drugs, no music, everyone had their clothes on and were modest at the beach!  150 18-25 year olds having fun on the beach!  I'd imagine they were a bit confused, haha.

On a more spiritual note, the Barnes family was baptized on Saturday!  It is such a privilege that I have to see/witness people change their lives and come closer to Christ, and especially see the joy that it brings to every aspect of their life.

Tomorrow we have a Christmas Devotional, the whole mission is coming together and we get to have a more spiritual gathering.  The Christmas party was mostly just partying, hahaha.

Love you all,

Elder Tanuvasa

Oh, and Merry Christmas

14 December 2015

Season 2: Episode 3 "The one with my 2nd Stake Conference"

Dear Friends & Family

This week was Stake Conference for the Sarasota Stake, and it was my 2nd time going in less than a month.  It was a strange feeling because I'm used to having it once every 6 months, but I just had it in my last area, and I made it just in time for my new area!  It was pretty cool!

Before Stake Conferences we went on exchanges with the other Elders in the District, get this, there are three sets of sisters and two sets of Elders in my District!  It's weird!  They exchange went well, it's nice to be in different areas and getting to know different people!  Tomorrow is the Florida Tampa Mission semi-annual Christmas Party, so all 150 missionaries will be at Fort De Soto Beach!  I'm really looking forward to that!

Met some AMAZING people this week, one of the people we met was a couple, and we saw them three nights in a row!  And every time, the Spirit was there, so strongly!  It was such an amazing experience!

Last thing, if y'all would keep Joseph Pierre (or Pierre Joseph) in your prayers.  See Elder Logan Robert Sackley's blog if you have any questions.

With Love,

Elder Michael Tanuvasa

Monday, December 14, 2015

7 December 2015

Season 2: Episode 2 The One with

Hello Friends and Family!

Thank you for all your love, support and prayers, they strengthen me every single day.  Not much happened this week...had Zone Conference on Tuesday, but since I got transferred, I wasn't able to see Sister Sackley :-( however, I was able to reconnect with my MTC companion Elder Bowden!  It was super cool to be with him, and be able to share different experiences that we've been through!

Not much else to write about so....until next week!

Elder Tanuvasa

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

30 November 2015

Season 2: Episode 1 "The one with Transfers"

Hola mis amigos y familia

On Tuessday, my companion and I, Elder Haslem, were saying goodbye to some members, as we were both getting transferred.  On our way to a member's house, we got a call from the AP's, telling us that Elder Haslem was staying!  It was bitter-sweet for him because he had already come to terms with us both leaving and then he was told to stay.  He is still in Palm Harbor with Elder Cantu.

Had an early Thanksgiving on Tuesday, one of the members that I had gotten really close with, took us to this BBQ place, and ordered a bunch of food for us and their family.  Prime rib, brisket, ribs, chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, fried mac & cheese.

For Thanksgiving, we went to two recent converts houses.  One of those grew up in Hawaii, so it was nice to talk with him.  It reminded me of home (in the good way).

Had a baptism on Saturday, and it went really well.  A little stressful, but hey, what baptism isn't?

Saw so many miracles this week.  One of those was when we went over to teach one of our investigators, her and her friends were there so we ended up teaching her friends also, and we set baptismal dates with all of them!  They were all super excited!  The Lord is hastening His work!


Elder Tanuvasa