Friday, February 26, 2016

15 February 2016

Season 3: Episode 2   The one with Speaking in Church

Yesterday at church my companion (Elder Ellsworth) and I were asked to speak.  It was very short notice, but I really enjoyed it!  We had the chance to speak on Faith and Obedience.  One of my favorite parts about a mission, is that I can have set apart time to study the scriptures, it's definitely something that I will continue to do.  This time has really blessed me, in that I now find solace while reading.  The scriptures answer so many questions, and I now find it enjoyable to bury myself in them!

One of the blessings about serving in Tampa is that there are so many people walking around!  We will bike to our set appointments, and then talk to people along the way! You never really know who you're going to meet, so it's always engaging, haha.  I haven't biked in awhile, so I've started to get my biking legs back.  It's not uncommon for us to bike 20-25 miles a day.

Transfers are today, and we will find out what's happening pretty soon!  I'll probably write it in at the end of this, once we find out so.....yeah.


Elder Tanuvasa

p.s.  no transfer

8 February 2016

Season 3:  Episode 1  The One with the Transfer

Good Morning!

So I am now in Tampa Florida!  I am serving in the Carrollwood ward.  Sister Sackley (who is serving in Tampa 2) is north of me!  We are in the same zone, but not district! I am now with Elder Ellsworth he is super funny and hard working!  We get along great!

The Tampa Bay Bucs stadium is in our area, so I HAD to get a picture of course, haha.  Also, had the opportunity to cut my own hair, and it's not too shabby!

Anyways, not much happened this week other than that.  On Saturday, it was raining all day, so we weren't able to be on our bikes.  We ended up walking to our appointments, and talking to people on the way!  We walked for about 5 hours!  My feet are starting to low-key blister, hahah

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Tanuvasa

Monday, February 8, 2016

1 February 2016

Season 2:  Episode 4

Good Afternoon Family and Friends!

On Monday, we went bowling and I STILL GOT IT!
Today, we went golf, and I STILL GOT IT!

Lol, anywho last week we had a baptism, so that's always cool.  It's awesome to see someone change their life, and follow Christ and His example.  I was also able to meet someone who served his mission with my Dad!  So it was pretty cool.  I believe that there is a picture, hopefully mi mama will put it in.

I was on an exchange with Elder Bowden on Tuesday and it was so much fun!  Elder Bowden and I were companions in the MTC together, so it was awesome to see him again!

Sorry, nothing special this week.


Elder Tanuvasa

 The Former Elder Kirkland of the Oregon Portland Mission

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

25 January 2016

Season 2:  Episode 3 The One with the Funeral

So this week, the funeral for one of our friends' mother.  I was asked to sing Amazing Grace as part of the service.  One of the things that was consistent as these family members/friends were saying brief things, was that they regret not showing/telling the other person how much they loved her.  It really hit me that, hey, you never know when it's someone's time, so always express your love, and leave no regrets.

On a slightly less somber note, I finally got my hands on an ukulele and a guitar!  One of the people that we are teaching had them and we jammed for a few minutes, and that was a lot of Fun!

Not really too much this week, just cherish those whom you love.


Elder Tanuvasa

18 January 2016

Dear Mom,

Sorry you are getting an answer to a question that Dad asked me in a letter, I hope you will both read this and share them with everyone you feel prompted to, even the blog.

Some things that I have learned about myself on my mission:  I look at myself in the mirror, and I'm changed physically.  But I ask myself, how else have I changed.  And something that I have noticed is that I'm self-motivated.  Not that I wasn't before, but I was always with someone else, like during workouts, I always had at least Dad to help me.  And now, I'm on my own, that accountability is gone, it's just me and the Lord, sure my companion can help motivate, but for the most part, it has to come through me.  I've learned that hey, I can be diligent on my own and obey with exactness.

Second, I've always been a leader, but I believe so far, the Lord has been teaching me how to be a follower.  How to take some correction with the best attitude.  And that has been a huge blessing.  I have a testimony that He knows me personally and desires my success, so he puts me with people and in situations where I can have the opportunities to do so.

Love you!  Your son,

Elder Tanuvasa