Friday, February 26, 2016

15 February 2016

Season 3: Episode 2   The one with Speaking in Church

Yesterday at church my companion (Elder Ellsworth) and I were asked to speak.  It was very short notice, but I really enjoyed it!  We had the chance to speak on Faith and Obedience.  One of my favorite parts about a mission, is that I can have set apart time to study the scriptures, it's definitely something that I will continue to do.  This time has really blessed me, in that I now find solace while reading.  The scriptures answer so many questions, and I now find it enjoyable to bury myself in them!

One of the blessings about serving in Tampa is that there are so many people walking around!  We will bike to our set appointments, and then talk to people along the way! You never really know who you're going to meet, so it's always engaging, haha.  I haven't biked in awhile, so I've started to get my biking legs back.  It's not uncommon for us to bike 20-25 miles a day.

Transfers are today, and we will find out what's happening pretty soon!  I'll probably write it in at the end of this, once we find out so.....yeah.


Elder Tanuvasa

p.s.  no transfer