Sunday, October 25, 2015

19 October 2015

Season 1: Episode 13   The One with a Farewell

This week i was blessed with an e-mail from Kekoa "The Great" Loo.  He has asked that I include a couple of things in this episode.

My mission so far has been amazing.  It's been a terrific opportunity for me to gain knowledge and strengthen my testimony.  One of the things I've learned so far, in my time with the Florida Tampa Mission, would be learning to love.  I still feel like I am learning to love, and to see people as Christ sees them.  Especially when it comes to the subject of religion, people are so quick to jump on our differences.  When you look at the teachings, they all are teaching great things.  Lately I've been striving to see others through different eyes, trying to understand where they are coming from, how they've been raised so far, it's made a huge difference in my love for the people, even when they may be yelling or cursing at me.

Since I've been out on my mission, I have learned how to be lovingly bold.  Before, I feel that I was timid and avoided confrontation.  Now, I don't seek it out, but I have found an inner confidence that truly helps me to inform people what they need to do to come closer to our Savior.  That comes through much prayer and much preparation/scripture study.  I've come to find joy and happiness in studying the gospel, it's perfectly simple and deep simple enough to study for a life time and only scratch the surface.  I don't know how it works, just ask Jesus.

Anywho, a boy from the ward leaves on his mission next week to Czech Slovak Mission.  He's been going out with missionaries for years and is sooo prepared!  I'm super excited for him and it makes me think back to when I was about to go into the MTC.

Love you all,

Elder Tanuvasa

p.s. love you Uncle ;) LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

12 October 2015

Season 1: Episode 12: The One with Golfing

So, last Monday may have been one of my favorite P-Days ever, haha.  One of the members took us golfing!  We hit 18 with him and his brother.

On Tuesday we were invited to mutual.  The Priests/Laurels (boys and girls 16 and up) were having a Preach My Gospel lesson!  They were being taught how to discern needs and teach the Plan of Salvation which was super cool!  I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty rough at first as we role-played teaching.  But by the end, they were teaching so well and the Spirit was so strong!

This week, missionary wise went pretty well.  We were doing a lot of tracting (door-knocking) so we taught over 20 lessons and will be seeing a lot of those people this week!

Oh yeah, transfers were this week and I am staying in my area with my companion!  It's interesting, cause there are only about 4 missionaries coming into our mission.  Which is a lot smaller than my group of 17 and my companions group of 33.

Anywho, love you all and hope you guys have an awesome week!

-Elder Tanuvasa

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 October 2015

Season 1: Episode 11 - The One with the Baptism

1. For behold, I, Elder Tanuvasa, make a record of God's dealings with the inhabitants of Palm Harbor.
2. For it came to pass that in the sixth day in the record of the Lord, that two souls were added unto the body of the people of Christ.
3. Many things did they hear from the mouth of the Prophets, and did rejoice exceedingly.
4. And I make an end to my writings, and exhort you to come unto Christ. Even so, Amen.

Elder Tanuvasa

Sunday, October 4, 2015

28 September 2015

Season 1: Episode 10: The one with the Miracle Three Hours

Good Morning!

Lol, I still say that to everyone we meet, no matter the time of day, one of the habits that I picked up from my mom!   This week went really well!  We were able to do a lot of member work, so that is super exciting.

We went to another youth football game, it really brought me back to memory lane with all the practices and conditioning...I don't think that there was one practice when I didn't cry in youth.

Pictures are from last Monday, at a place similar to Critter Cabana if any of you are familiar with it, but basically it's just a bunch of puppies that you can play with.  We aren't dressed up because afterwards we went roller skating, and I knew there would be a lot of falling.

Miracle of the week:  we went to this rougher part of town, and we went around and talked to everyone we could find! We only had 3 hours and in those three....we were able to teach 9 lessons!  We count lessons as teaching a principle and getting a return appointment!  So we get to see them all this week and I'm super pumped for that!

Love you guys!

Elder Tanuvasa