Wednesday, May 18, 2016

18 May 2016

New companion, not sure if new area.  We will know on Monday when he emails

Monday, May 16, 2016

16 May 2016

Season 3: Episode 14 "The one with Thaddeus"

Hello hello!

This week was really awesome! We have been working with this man named Thaddeus for about 2 months now! We have been calling him everyday and checking up on him, as he asked us to do so. Anyways, we give him a call on Friday, and he has been doing really Well these past 2 weeks! During the call he mentioned how we were planning on him getting baptized on Tuesday. We explained to him that we were actually planning for this Sunday after church. When he heard that, he was so pumped! Anyways, long story short, we only had a few days to get it all organized, but the baptismal service was so spiritual! There was a ton of support from the Ward and he truly feels at home there, one of his concerns was that he doesn't have very much family support as they are all out of state. We explained that the Ward was like his "church family", we explained home teaching and the role that it plays in everyone being helped! After he was baptized and confirmed, he had the chance to bear his testimony and the spirit was so strong! He has such a burning testimony, he mentioned us and referred to us as his "guardian angels" haha it has been such a great experience for me to watch this man's grow closer to his savior. It has definitely strengthened my own testimony, and my own desire to find those who want to come closer to Christ. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here serving the lord and those in the Tampa area.

I love you all,

Elder Tanuvasa 

Monday, May 9, 2016

9 May 2016

Season 3: Episode 13 "The one with Mother's Day"

Good morning!

This week, Elder Ellsworth's bike was really giving us problems.. I think the past two weeks he's gone through 5 tubes. He ended up having to get a new tire, and that seems to have fixed things. It really sets back the work when all you do is bike, but, luckily we were able to use the car to get to those appointments that we had set up!

On Friday, Elder Ellsworth and I were biking through a parking lot and talking with everyone that we met, and we ran into a woman who greeted us very warmly, so we knew she was a member haha. But anyways, she asked our names and she recognized mine! I was confused for a moment until she introduced herself! Her name is Sister Jordan, and when I was in Palm Harbor (8 months ago) she called us and referred us to her two grandsons who lived in our area! Anyways, we found out that they finally got baptized last month and she was so excited! It was a tender mercy from the lord for sure to hear those people that I had previously met and taught, and how they're doing now!

Like the title of this episode, it was Mother's Day on Sunday. I am so grateful for all of the "mother figures" in my life that have been such great examples that they have been in my life. But I am most grateful for my wonderful mother that I was able to skype that day as well as the rest of my family! It was so amazing getting to see them! I shared with them that as I reflected on the lessons that I took away as I was growing up (at home), it wasn't from their words per say, but their actions that I learned many of the lessons that have shaped who I am today.

I am grateful for an amazing family, and for all that they do for me. I am so happy to be here in Florida, in the service of my Lord and Savior. I am so grateful for a Savior who knows me, and my struggles and strengthens and comforts me on a daily basis.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Tanuvasa

Monday, May 2, 2016

2 May 2016

Season 3: Episode 12 "The one with campus"

Hello hello!

This week was a great week! On Monday, we had a Zone Development Day, which meant that after we had gotten everything that we needed to get done in preparation for the upcoming week, we met together as a Zone and did some activities together that included charades and volleyball! It also included a some training on how we can better help the areas in which we all serve! It was a really fun day!

On Wednesday we had interviews with President, and I always enjoy those. We talked about my previous areas and how they were doing as well as companions. We discussed how I can better improve and such. After interviews, while we were waiting for the other missionaries (with whom we share the car with), Elder Ellsworth and I got a chance to go on the University of South Florida campus! There are people walking around EVERYWHERE haha I was in heaven! It was a little strange talking to people that were close to my age, and strange to think that this is where I'd be if I wasn't serving a mission.

On Thursday, our phone died. Actually it split in two.. We have one of the old school slide phones, and normally (how it should work), there are two pieces together that slide into a QWERTY keyboard, and the other side has a touch screen. Well, the pieces holding these two together had been getting looser throughout the week, and finally Thursday Afternoon it fell apart... I never realized how hard it was without a phone, we couldn't call to get a new one, we couldn't confirm any appointments that we had that day, we weren't able to try to set up appointments! Luckily, it was a night where there were people at the church, so we went there and used one of their phones to call the missionaries who are responsible for phones, and was able to get a new phone the next day. But it definitely was an eye opener!

This week has been really exciting because a lot of the people that we have been working with have been coming to church and are progressing towards baptism!

Thank you for all of your prayers, I hope y'all have a great week!

-Elder Tanuvasa