Tuesday, February 2, 2016

25 January 2016

Season 2:  Episode 3 The One with the Funeral

So this week, the funeral for one of our friends' mother.  I was asked to sing Amazing Grace as part of the service.  One of the things that was consistent as these family members/friends were saying brief things, was that they regret not showing/telling the other person how much they loved her.  It really hit me that, hey, you never know when it's someone's time, so always express your love, and leave no regrets.

On a slightly less somber note, I finally got my hands on an ukulele and a guitar!  One of the people that we are teaching had them and we jammed for a few minutes, and that was a lot of Fun!

Not really too much this week, just cherish those whom you love.


Elder Tanuvasa