Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Season 6: Episode 8

This week was.. interesting... we've been exhausted and stressed, a lot of things seemed to come up all at once, and it seems to be at the worst times.. but we've made it so far! One of our Recent Converts had a slight heart attack, she already has a heart condition, so that brought stress. We gave her a blessing and she's feeling better now, but it was really scary at the time.

We were asked to sing again for a Zone Meeting.. we didn't have much time to practice, or a pianist so we had to do it without.. I'll attach a video that was taken. It was weird, that was my last Zone Training Meeting and it didn't hit me until the end when we had a mini testimony meeting.. the mission sure does fly by and it's so hard to condense it all into what you've learned. So, just a heads up if you ask me how my mission was or is, I'll say amazing.. If you want specific experiences you'd have to ask a better questions than that.

We got a text that a guy wanted a Bible, we couldn't get a hold of him and couldn't catch him home. So we decided to do a little bit of contacting around, and we walked down his street to the end of the road, and hadn't met anyone.. we turned around a little dejected and ran into a man spraying his lawn! He was actually super interested, he's agnostic and this is the first time any religious people have approached him. He actually thanked us for talking with him and invited us back before we asked to come back.. pretty cool!

We've been getting up pretty early this past week and it's been taking a toll.. frustration, exhaustion.. you name it.. we're deciding to get as much sleep as we can get this week.. so hopefully it'll go dreamily

Got to go on an Exchange with Elder Heluo! It's pretty cool cause we began our missions together, we're near each other mid way, and at the end! I'll send a pic.

Stake Conference was really good, it's hard to say that was my last one on the mission.. I really don't like lasts right now.. it's pretty cool because it was like all on missionary work! We're pretty excited for the rest of this transfer, we have been working with a few members, and received 8-9 referrals from them and have been able to meet them all! The work is hastening!

Love ya,

Elder Tanuvasa ✌