Sunday, November 8, 2015

2 November 2015

Season 1:  Episode 15  The One with Halloween

Hola mis amigos y familias

So, last week we had a few of the priests come out with us to a few lessons.  We've actually set up a system where we have at least 2 priests come out with us each week!  It's really good preparation for a mission, and it's really cool to see how good at teaching these guys are.

The first mutual activity each month, the priests/laurels do a Preach My Gospel night where they learn how to teach, and practice teaching as a companionship.  It's super fun and a great way for them to prepare as well!  They've improved so much since when I was first here, haha and they love it!  I wish I had done more things like this before my mission!

Last week was rough, lesson wise.  Had 0 lessons both Friday and Saturday, cause no one wanted the gospel around Halloween I guess...which was unfortunate.

This week we are spending most of our time in a more wealthy part of town, so it should be pretty interesting, haha, oh yeah, on Friday we went to a football game for a couple of the priests, whose senior night it was!  Our ride fell through so we ended up biking 9 miles there, with a slow leak in my front tire, so we had to stop and fill it every 5 minutes.  We had biked 5 miles earlier in the day so it made it a 23 miler...let's just say I slept real well that night, haha

Love you all & hope you are well!

Elder Tanuvasa