Sunday, November 22, 2015

16 November 2015

Season 1: Episode 17: The one with 7:90

Hmmm...nothing special really happened this week....other than the miracles we saw daily.  One of those was on Wednesday!  We had just gotten out of a lesson at 7:30 and we didn't really know what to do, as those are the hardest hours to fill as a missionary...So we decided to talk to people on the street.  At first, when we went out we didn't have much success.  We decided to pray, and we prayed for guidance to those who we should meet that night; we prayed specifically that we would meet 5 people and be able to teach them!  And from then, it was just impression after impression, the Spirit guiding us where to go.  Long story short, we taught 7 lessons in those late hours!  The Lord is truly working miracles!

I think that one thing that I told myself before my mission was that I wouldn't care if anyone said no to me.  That it was their loss...But that is so far from the truth, it kills me to see people find the truth and feel the Spirit, but then deny it still!  I feel a burden on my shoulders when they do, but I know that I can only control so much.  I just have to remember that the Spirit is the true teacher, not me.

This is the last week until transfers, so this Saturday I'll know if I'm staying or not!  I'll let y'all know next week ;)

Love ya,

Elder Tanuvasa