Monday, December 5, 2016

5 December 2016

How's it going?  By the time y'all get this, Mom's birthday will have passed....So how was it?

It's hard to beat Florida winters....the weather is awesome!  This week had to be one of my favorites on the mission, mainly because of all the service opportunities that we had!  It is so satisfying to be an answer to someone's prayers.  To help someone truly in need.  i hope that this is something I can continue to do after the mission, to continue to be searching for opportunities to serve.

On Saturday, we had a ward Christmas breakfast and we had 9 investigators come, as well as 2 more guests that we met!  lol, we also sang a hymn with an ukulele from one of our investigators, "Nearer My God, To Thee"  We're planning on singing with our investigator in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

Joined the ward choir with our investigators, lol.  It's pretty funny that was the most efficient choir practice ever!  The director was in and done in 45 minutes and it was non-stop:  here's your part, your part, your part, ok, put it together, NEXT!  I was struggling to keep up!

I was listening to a talk by Elder Holland and he was talking about how the first and greatest commandment is to love God, but the first and greatest truth of the gospel is that He loves us.  The first principle in the Restoration is our loving Heavenly Father.  I know that this is true, one of my favorite scripture can be found in Romans 8: 35-39.  His love is infinite and eternal.

I love y'all!!!

Elder Tanuvasa