Monday, December 12, 2016

12 December 2016

I just wanted to share an experience from this week:

Just to start out, if you could read Doctrine & Covenants 84:85.

This week, I have made a big focus on my studies.  Referring to the scripture, I was treaure-ing up the words of life.  It's amazing to see the scriptures speak out to me.  I feel like I've improved so much on my study, but the Lord helps me to continue to raise my vision!  It's hard to explain the feelings when Doctrine & Covenants 24:6 is happening, when you are teaching someone, and a question comes into your mind, as you are bearing your testimony, and letting the Spirit guide, especially when I am acting as voice during a blessing.  The power, the words cannot come from those of us below.  I know of a surety that they are blessings from on high.

So...I guess to describe the experience, we were teaching one of our Dates Set, and it was going well, we were reading the account of Samuel the Lamanite, and as we were talking about it, I was observing our investigator as my companion was teaching, and the thought came "has he prayed to know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon?" and so I asked.  Boom! to find out he hadn't!  It was kind of like a "whoop! There it is!"  moment.  It totally changed the course of the lesson and he was able to draw closer to Heavenly Father.

I know the Gospel to be true.  The Spirit WILL guide.

I love y'all!

Elder Tanuvasa