Monday, March 28, 2016

28 March 2016

The One with Concrete

This week we had a great opportunity to serve.  One of the people we are teaching needed some remodeling done.  So Elder Ellsworth and I were able to go and help him!  he had us breaking up a concrete slab in the backyard.  We used sledge hammers to break them and then wheeled them to the front yard!  After a few hours in the heat it was all done!

I have really gained an appreciation for service and helping others out.  As we read in Matthew 25:40; we are serving our Lord when we serve others.  As missionaries, we are always looking for opportunities to serve, it's just frustrating when no one will let you!

On Wednesday we met this really cool guy named Sean.  we taught him about God's love for him, prophets and the Book of Mormon.  He was really excited to read it and pray about it.

On Saturday we got a text from Sister Sackley and her companion, Sister Huber.  They told us about a person who wanted to learn more, and had scheduled a time that we could meet with her.  Long story short, we met with the person and she is AMAZING!  When we introduced the Book of Mormon, she wanted to read it all that night.  We really are seeing miracles on the dearly, some more apparent than others!

I know that we are all blessed in different ways.  i know that as we look for them in our lives, we will see God's hand.


Elder Tanuvasa