Monday, March 21, 2016

14 March 2016

Season 3:  Episode 6 "The One with Steve"

This was a very eventful week, on Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting.  Which is basically when a lot of missionaries gather together for a couple hours and receive training on how we can better help those we are teaching!

We went on an exchange on Thursday.  Meaning that I was with another missionary for a day!  We were in an area where a lot of people speak Spanish...and the limits of my Spanish is....iHola!  Haha let's just say I didn't do much talking that day, it's a good thing the missionary I was with spoke it well!  I should've paid more attention in Spanish....

On Saturday was Steve's baptism, there was a lot of people there from the local congregation to support him!  It's so great to be a part of the Lord's work, and get to see His power work int he lives of not only me, but everyone!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be serving the Lord full time.  Though there are a lot of challenges and distractions, I can feel the strength of all of your prayers.

Elder Tanuvasa