Thursday, January 28, 2016

18 January 2016

Season 2: Episode 8  "The one with the Storm"

Hello, hello!

As per labeled my episode this week, there was a storm.  It was from Saturday night to Sunday morning.  At 4 a.m. we were woken up by our Hazard Alert radio that was blaring (it sounded like someone pulled the school fire alarm, if that helps).  Anyways, I got up, and was listening to the emergency radio that was going off too; it was talking about tornado warnings or something like that.  I was like "oh snap, it's going down!" and that excitement lasted all of about 3 seconds before I crawled back in bed and fell asleep, lo.  You could hear the thunder booming and you could see lightning flashing, my attitude was "hey, if it's my time, it's my time."  It wasn't my time, we got up in the morning, got dressed and went outside and saw trees that were blown over and a whole bunch of debris was in the streets, so we spent a good amount of time clearing those.  As we were talking to some people at church, they said that winds were anywhere from 40-70 mph, I don't know how true that is, but yeah.  That's my weather excitement for the week.

One of the people at church's mother passed away this week, it was really scary cause we had no joke talked with her 2 days before.  She never had any health problems, was super active, she was 55!  She woke up, didn't feel good, and went back to sleep, and's just crazy to see how fragile life really is, you never really think anything is going to happen to you.  As we were comforting the family, it caused me to reflect on this.  Please keep the Barnes family in your prayers.

Something that I have noticed this week was how planning and telling the Lord your plans will bless you. As we've made our plans so specific, they are almost tedious, and as we inform the Lord, where we are going to be at a certain time and place.  He is able to place people in our paths, that we never would've seen if we decided to just go do something else.  And I think that is very applicable to life, as we express to Him, our goals, and our plans to achieve those goals, He is able to open opportunities that wouldn't have been there before!

Anyways, love you all!

Elder Tanuvasa