Monday, October 3, 2016

3 October 2016

Thank you so much for all your love and support, I am so thankful that I was blessed with angels as parents.  It feels like my body is falling apart, I have been struggling with illness since the temple trip.  Satan is really working on my body.  My lower back has been giving me a lot of problems recently.  I am blessed to be in a ward with a chiropractor who is a member, lol.

I am grateful for the experiences in my life that have influenced who I am today.  I was reading a talk: "Turn to Him and answers will Come" by Elder Martino in the October 2015 conference and I thought of a quote.  Speaking of Laman and Lemuel, he said "It is interesting to note that their choices allowed them to access potentially faith-building experiences."  Every trial/experience has potential, with good or bad outcomes depending on our choices.

I am thankful for the experience that the mission has brought in my life.  I know our Father in Heaven loves us.

Your Son,

Elder Tanuvasa