Monday, September 26, 2016

26 September 2016

For District meeting, the Assistants send out a topic, and then leave the rest up to us, to figure out training, etc.  Elder Wadsworth and I had a cool experience with teaching by the Spirit.  We were holding a less active family's first FHE, and for scripture study/lesson, the mom (who was conducting) flipped open to a random chapter in the Bible and decided to read, we had planned a lesson, but not in where she had turned....she turned to the Old Testament in 2 Kings my hear, I was praying for the Spirit to help us discern and expound the scriptures!  Anyways, long-story short, the Spirit took over, the lesson went amazing.  Everything in there applied to them and the Spirit, it revealed to us the meaning.  I believe it was because we still planned and made the effort, and should, but that we cared about this lesson that He really took over.

Sure love you!


P.S. The talk "Teaching After the Manner of the spirit" in October 2011 is super good!