Monday, September 28, 2015

21 September 2015

Season 1: Episode 9 The One With the Miracle

Hello Hello!  'tis me, your favorite Elder (2nd or 3rd if you have any children or sibling out, lol).

Man, this week was a little bit slow, mostly because my companion Elder Haslem had pink we weren't able to go out that day in fear of a Pink Eye Pandemic.  That has got to be the most boring day of my life....way worse than 'time out' or grounding.

We did everything that we could around the house.  Cleaned, laundry, cooked, and then we did some training on teaching the Restoration in 4 minutes.  We've taught it to a couple of people so far and it is super useful for when people are in a hurry!

This week we met some amazing people that I am super pumped about!  A guy showed up to the weekly youth activity to talk with the Bishop, we meet him and he asks us to find him a ride to church.  We get him that ride, and was sitting next to him in Gospel Principles when he asked "so I was working with the other missionaries on getting baptized.  Do you think that you could help me do that"  Oh my, when I heard that, I think my mouth actually dropped, hahah.  Obviously I said yes, we could help him, but it was just a manifestation of our Heavenly Father hastening the work in Palm Harbor.

Met another guy interested in learning about the Gospel and he is super awesome, but I'll tell you ore about him next week.  A little cliffhanger for y'all


Elder Tanuvasa