Monday, August 10, 2015

4 August 2015

Season 1: Episode 2 The one where we tract all day.

Hello, hello!

This was another amazing week, being out in the mission field.  It really makes you appreciate being able to sleep in, relax, workout whenever you want, and especially take naps!  lol

It's still awesome, though.  I love the feeling of serving the people in Florida, even though most of them seem to not really appreciate it.  Since we white-washed this area, we don't have many investigators, we've been working with ward members/families trying to get some referrals and they've been amazing so far, but it still leaves a ton of room in our schedule.  So...we end up tracting to fill our day.  Trying to be productive/efficient, we tract about 7-8 hours daily this week, taught over 20 lessons and have 11 new investigators! It's truly paying off!  Today while shopping we ran into a lady that we had tracted into, we said a prayer with her, but she didn't want anything else with us.  She was very friendly and we made small talk about the weather, lol, small talk.

Speaking of the weather, it's been crazy down here!  Raining all day, every day!  It's really reminding me of Oregon <3  There'a bunch of flooding that is happening, and when it rains, it really puts a hold on the work, cause even with umbrellas, we still get drenched, so we can't really tract because people aren't going to let us into their homes while we're soaking.

Earlier today while we were able to email in the library, an old guy tried to start bashing, we didn't really respond, but he was talking to Elder Haslem most of the time so he had to pay attention to him and listen.  Nothing serious was happening, just friendly banter that was one-sided.

Elder Tanuvasa